Diet Basics

The Jenny Craig Diet program teaches dieters to form a healthy relationship with food by helping them form good nutritional habits, such as eating the right portions. This diet plan advocates living an active and healthy lifestyle in order to achieve weight loss.

The Jenny Craig diet was made by a team of experienced dietitians, medical experts and weight loss specialists. The program is also based off the standard dietary guidelines provided by the United States federal government.

Jenny Craig is also an extremely easy diet to follow, as the diet recommends eating only the official Jenny-Craig prepackaged foods known as “Jenny Cuisine.” The foods should help dieters to eat correctly and control their portions to optimize their weight loss goals.

The diet plan urges dieters to contact Jenny Craig representatives, who will give them personalized diet and exercise plans tailored to the particular needs of the participant. The diet plan recommends dieters to meet with these dieting professionals at least once a week.

The Jenny Craig Diet program has many tailored packages for different types of dieters based on gender and age such as: Jenny Craig Silver, Jenny Craig Type 2 and Jenny Craig For Men. The best thing about these programs is that a participant will be advised on the most appropriate one to join, for instance, if a Dieter is diabetic and happens to join the Jenny Craig Type 2 package, the consultant will assign this participant a diet that is diabetes conscious.

The diet should last until the dieter meets his weight-loss goals. The first stage asks dieters to only eat 3 Jenny’s prepackaged meals and a single snack daily. Dieters are also encouraged to snack on fruits and vegetables if they continue to be hungry.

Recommended Foods

Jenny Craig Diet recommends eating food low in carbohydrates and rich in lean proteins, such as vegetables and dairy products. It recommends moderate fruit consumption, and to eat only saturated fats from olive oil, fish, nut, avocados, and etc. Dieters can only eat bread that is whole grains and in moderation.

Pros and Cons


• It helps to prevent diabetes
• It encourages the consumption of fruits and veggies
• It leads to weight loss
• Can involve home made meals
• Lifestyle changes


• Requires tiresome exercises
• Expensive
• May cause deficiency of important nutrients


The cost of the Jenny Craig Diet is approximately $500 a month, or about $125 a week. After completing the initial dieting phase, dieters can use Jenny Craig diet recipes for free- found online.

Diet Background

The Jenny Craig Diet was founded by Jenny Craig, who runs a number of successful companies involved in weight management in the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
The diet program provides face-to-face meetings or over-the-phone consultations with dieting consultants, at least once per week.

Sample Diet

Nonfat milk, one cup
Banana, cereals and nuts

Garden salads
Straw berries-1 cup
Turkey burger

Afternoon snack
Sticks of raw veggies

Carrots- half cup
Chicken fettuccine

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Dieters will certainly lose weight, but it may cost them.