Reviewed as one of the best diets available, the Dash Diet continues to be used by families to alleviate high blood pressure and weight issues. It highlights consumption of ordinary foods like vegetables, fruits and diets rich in protein. Calorie watch is vital as one is to count what they put in. Since it is easily fixed in the normal diets one sheds off weight without many hassles. The diet is particularly interesting as it seeks to trim down the waistline and the tummy fat.

Ideally, this diet will reduce blood pressure. It stresses low sodium intake, which is directly proportional to low blood pressure. The dash diet should reduce blood pressure in 14 days. The diet acts as a buffer against some diseases like stroke, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. It surely is a ‘’Drastic Alleviation of Stimulants of Hypertension’’.

Suggested Foods

The dash diet emphasizes low intake of sodium and puts a measure of 1500-2300mg per day. The diet only allows whole grains like whole-grain bread, and brown rice to be eaten. The vegetables allowed include: carrots, sweet potatoes, greens and vitamins. Fruits should be eaten with edible peeling and are essential in adding fiber to the body. Dairy foods like yogurt, cheese and milk should have little fat and lactose content.

The dash diet puts emphasis on consuming fish more that gives the body the omega 3 nutrients. When it comes to red meat, one should ensure that all the fatty areas are removed prior to cooking and should not be eaten frequently. Oils used in food preparations should be unsaturated and dieters should avoid trans-fat and processed foods. Alcohol consumption should also be reduced. You are allowed to consume some artificial sweeteners in your beverages, such as sugar-free sweet tea.

Pros and Cons


  • Significantly reduces the percentage of blood pressure in the body
  • It reduces the chances of acquiring cardiovascular ailments due to the sodium intake
  • The diet can be integrated into the ordinary eating lifestyle
  • The ingredients are easily accessible and the diet is meant for all with no gender restrictions


  • Problem of alternating salt consumption might be hard for some individuals
  • The diets is hard to follow when eating out
  • Eating too many vegetables and fruits can cause bloating.

Dash Diet Origin

The Dash Diet was originally investigated in 1992 by a team of experts in the National Institute of Health while looking for an anti- hypertensive diet. The diet uses every day normal foods that emphasize potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Sample Of The Diet

1 whole slice wheat bread with light yogurt
Baby carrots, non- fat milk
Afternoon Snack:
Roasted Salmon with barbeque stew


The dash diet will cause you to be healthier, and thus to lose weight, but is not optimized for weight loss. The consumption of vegetables and fruits will lead to the absorption of many important minerals that are excellent for the body.

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